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Cummingsotolaryngology6theditionpdffree106 yoveren




/6TheDissertation.pdf) The results of the investigation of the university library's reading and research habits show that the majority of users are primarily employed in jobs that require extensive reading and research (in specialties, such as Medicine, Law, etc.). Many people can also be found among the users of the library at school. It is to be assumed that the number of students using the university library is larger than the number of students who use public libraries. Analysis of the foreign currency circulation (see Figure 4.10) shows that there is a great interest in foreign currency. The reader will notice that the volume of currency notes for a given day is generally very much larger than the volume of foreign currency that is needed to buy domestic currency from the ATM. Figure 4.10: Demand for foreign currency at the University Library In the light of the generally low circulation of foreign currency, the use of foreign currency in the purchase of products is most likely to increase, since the amount of domestic currency required for the purchase will be limited by the foreign currency supplied by the bank at the ATM. In addition, because the foreign currency is stored in large amounts in the vault of the bank, the number of transactions will increase. 5.6 Public libraries (pre-graduate level) Since it was not possible to conduct a thorough analysis of the public library, a more detailed study was conducted at the library from which the questionnaire was taken. During the research, it was found that a number of people use the public library for their research. Furthermore, it was confirmed that many people borrow books from the public library. 5.7 Discussion At first glance, it appears that this sector of the public library is mainly used by people with basic reading and writing skills. People who need to read or write well enough to satisfy the requirements of their profession and to benefit from reading works in the course of their work are mostly found among the users of public libraries. The volume of circulation at the public library is generally low. The main reason for this is the low number of foreign currency transactions. Because the sum of foreign currency required for foreign currency exchange at the bank is low, the volumes of transactions for books in foreign currency at the bank are also low. There are only very few transactions with the foreign currency, which may be explained by the relatively low frequency of foreign currency transactions. One can assume that the low number of foreign currency transactions is a result of the generally low




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Cummingsotolaryngology6theditionpdffree106 yoveren

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